Programme at a glance

Programme at a glance, Krakow

Thursday, 19 April 2018
00.01 - 23.59
17.30 - 19.20
Chairpersons: Jean‑Yves Reginster, John A. Kanis
Best clinical papers published in 2017
René Rizzoli
Opening of the meeting
Cyrus Cooper (IOF President, ESCEO Vice‑President)
WHO Clinical Consortium on Healthy Aging : Objectives and achievements
Islene Araujo de Carvalho (World Health Organization – Geneva)
Regional discrepancies in calcium intake: the IOF global calcium map
Bess Dawson‑Hughes
Presentation of the 2018 ESCEO Medal of Excellence
Presentation of the ESCEO-IOF Herbert Fleisch Medal
Presentation of the IOF Medal of Achievement
Presentation of the IOF Olof Johnell Science Award
Friday, 20 April 2018
00.01 - 23.59
Opening of the commercial exhibition
08.00 - 09.00
Breast Cancer and Bone Health– Joint session of the Cancer And Bone Society (CABS) and the IOF
Chairpersons: Jean‑Jacques Body, Peyman Hadji
Adjuvant antiresoptive treatment in women with breast cancer - Cancer Treatment Induced Bone Loss (CTIBL) and much more Peyman Hadji
Treatment of metastatic bone disease in women with breast cancer - New insights of an old story Jean‑Jacques Body
Sarcopenia: Problem-solving a new lifestyle disease
Chairperson: Kerrie  Sanders
Reducing the burden of sarcopenia: A healthy lifestyle throughout the lifetime David Scott
Is the risk of sarcopenia socially patterned? Sharon Brennan‑Olsen
Sarcopenia: is the right food the key to prevention? Sandra Iuliano‑Burns
International dialogue and problem-solving
Bone fragility in diabetes
Chairperson: Serge Ferrari
Pathophysiology of bone fragility in diabetes Serge Ferrari
Fracture risk assessment in diabetes Emmanuel Biver
Osteoporosis drug effects in diabetics Nicola Napoli
Treating Osteosarcopenia by Targeting Muscle and Bone: Actuality and Perspectives
Chairperson: Gustavo Duque
Combined effects of vitamin D on muscle and bone: a review of evidence among senior adults age 65+ Heike A. Bischoff‑Ferrari
Novel Exercise and Nutritional Approaches to Optimize Bone, Muscle and Mobility into Old Age Robin Daly
Pharmacological Treatment of Osteosarcopenia: How to target bone and muscle at the same time? Gustavo Duque
Global Map of Dietary Calcium Intake reveals large geographic regions of low intake – a call to action
Chairperson: Bess Dawson‑Hughes
Introduction Bess Dawson‑Hughes
Calcium intake and its implications in India Ambrish Mithal
Calcium intake and its implications in China and the Pacific Rim Wei‑bo Xia
08.00 - 09.00
Recommendations for the engagement of patients in the preparation of clinical and regulatory guidelines : outcomes of an experts consensus meeting organized by the World Health Organization and the European Society for Clinical and Economic Aspects of Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases.
Chairpersons: Famida Jiwa, Peter Tugwell
08.00 ‣ Welcome and scope of the problem Peter Tugwell
08.05 ‣ A journey in patient partnership John Kirwan
08.15 ‣ Recommendations for patients engagement in the preparation of clinical guidelines Maarten de Wit
08.30 ‣ Recommendations for patients engagement in the preparation of regulatory guideline Nathalie Bere
08.45 ‣ Discussion - Leaders  Philip Conaghan, Daniel Pinto
09.00 ‣ Conclusion Famida Jiwa
Panel: Isabelle Aujoulat, Nathalie Bere, Maria Luisa Brandi, Olivier Bruyère, Philip Conaghan, Cyrus Cooper, Maarten de Wit, Philippe Halbout, Mickaël Hiligsmann, Famida Jiwa, John A. Kanis, John Kirwan, Andrea Laslop, Daniel Pinto, Jean‑Yves Reginster, René Rizzoli, Marieke Scholte, Peter Tugwell, Lia Van der Ham, Mila Vlaskovska
Assessment of Physical Performance in daily clinical practice: Outcomes of an Experts’ consensus meeting organized by the European Society for Clinical and Economic Aspects of Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases (ESCEO) under the auspices of the World Health Organization
Chairpersons: Islene Araujo de Carvalho, Roger Fielding
08.00 ‣ Welcome Cyrus Cooper
08.05 ‣ Scope of the problem René Rizzoli
08.10 ‣ Recommendations for the standardization of the assessment of physical performance Alfonso Cruz Jentoft
08.25 ‣ Recommendations for the standardization of the assessment of muscle strength and power Jurgen Bauer
08.40 ‣ Discussion - Leader: Ivan Bautmans
08.55 ‣ Conclusion Stefania Maggi
Panel: Islene Araujo de Carvalho, Jurgen Bauer, Ivan Bautmans, Roberto Bernabei, Olivier Bruyère, Cyrus Cooper, Alfonso Cruz Jentoft, Bess Dawson‑Hughes, Roger Fielding, Jean‑Marc Kaufman, Stefania Maggi, Jean Petermans, Jean‑Yves Reginster, René Rizzoli, Yves Rolland, Laura Schaap, Daniel Uebelhart
08.00 - 09.00
Auditorium A
08.00 - 09.00
Auditorium B
09.00 - 12.10
Chairpersons: John A. Kanis, Jean‑Yves Reginster
Plenary Lecture 1
Frax : 10 years later Cyrus Cooper
Oral communications selected from abstracts
Presentation of the ESCEO-AgNovos Healthcare Young Investigator Awards
Plenary Lecture 2
Bone microstructure and fracture risk: implications for the clinician? Serge Ferrari
Oral Communications selected from abstracts
14.00 - 15.00
Local bone treatment in osteoporosis
Andreas Kurth
Bone fragility in young people: when and how to investigate ?
Serge Ferrari
Hypophosphatasia, diagnosis and management
Maria Luisa Brandi
Muscle function assessment in daily practice
Olivier Bruyère, Charlotte Beaudart
14.00 - 15.00
Poster Viewing Session I
14.00 - 15.10
Oral presentation of selected posters
Chairperson: Fanny Buckinx
14.00 - 15.00
Nutrition and physical activity in the prevention and treatment of sarcopenia: Outcomes of the IOF-ESCEO sarcopenia Working Groups
Chairpersons: Charlotte Beaudart, Elaine M. Dennison
14.00 ‣ Welcome and scope of the problem Nicholas Harvey
14.05 ‣ Methodology of the systematic review Elaine M. Dennison
14.15 ‣ Outcomes of the systematic review Charlotte Beaudart
14.25 ‣ Dairy products in the prevention and treatment of sarcopenia: Outcomes of the ESCEO Working Groups Jean‑Yves Reginster
14.40 ‣ Discussion - Leader: Roland D. Chapurlat
14.55 ‣ Conclusion Charlotte Beaudart

This Symposium was made possible through an Unrestricted Educational Grant from the “European Milk Forum” (EMF) and the “Centre de recherche et d’information nutritionnelles” (CERIN)

15.00 - 16.45
‣ Clinical, social, ethical and economic burden of osteoporosis and fragility fractures
Presentation of the IOF Committee of National Societies Medal
15.00 - 17.00
Chairpersons: Cyrus Cooper, Olivier Bruyère
Plenary Lecture 3
New perspectives in osteoarthritis management Philip Conaghan
Presentation of the IOF President's Award
Presentation of the ESCEO-IBSA Best Oral Presentation Award
Presentation of the ESCEO-IBSA Young Investigator Award
Oral communications selected from abstracts
Plenary Lecture 4
Management of iatrogenic osteoporosis Peyman Hadji
Saturday, 21 April 2018
00.01 - 23.59
08.00 - 09.00
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: Facts on Causes, Diagnosis and Therapy
Chairperson: Maria Luisa Brandi
Introduction Maria Luisa Brandi
Definition of the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Giovanni Iolascon
Therapies for the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Giovanni Orsolini
Achieving gender equity in musculoskeletal science - why it matters and how can we do it ?
Chairperson: Christel Lamberg‑Allardt 
The effects of equity and diversity on research impact: narrative review of the literature Christel Lamberg‑Allardt 
Advance Australia Fair: progress in gender equity in science in Australia Tania Winzenberg
Practical initiatives to support gender equity in science Sharon Brennan‑Olsen
Demonstrating fracture liaison service effectiveness - Use of fracture incidence and prescribing data to demonstrate clinical and cost effectiveness in a small population
Chairperson: Kassim Javaid
Preventing disability and ageing well: an innovative service support model for fracture prevention in the UK Debbie Stone
Making the case for fracture liaison services in prevention of disability – analysis of national prescribing data in England Tim Jones
Mediterranean diet and muscoloskeletal diseases
Chairpersons: Gaetano Crepaldi, René Rizzoli
Mediterranean diet and bone health Stefania Maggi
Mediterranean diet and muscular function Francesco Landi
Mediterranean diet and osteoarthritis Nicola Veronese
DO-HEALTH: First results of a large European Trial
Chairperson: John A. Kanis
Introduction John A. Kanis
Review results of recent trials involving supplemental vitamin D and musculoskeletal outcomes Bess Dawson‑Hughes
First presentation of trial findings of DO-HEALTH regarding musculoskeletal outcomes. Heike A. Bischoff‑Ferrari
ASBMR-IOF-ESCEO Symposium: Closing the Treatment Gap
Chairperson: Cyrus Cooper
A strategic roadmap to prevent future fractures in people who have already fractured: Background Robert Adler
A strategic roadmap for secondary fracture prevention: Review of outcomes following a summit meeting in July 2017 Douglas Kiel
A global overview of secondary fracture prevention strategies and service initiatives worldwide Nicholas Harvey
An update on risk assessment and fracture prevention in European nations Eugene McCloskey
08.00 - 09.00
Joint ESPRM – ESCEO – IOF Symposium
Role of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in the Management of Osteoporosis and Musculoskeletal Disorders
Chairpersons: Fitnat Dincer, Jolanta Kujawa
The role of rehabilitation in prevention and treatment of osteoporotic fractures Jolanta Kujawa
The effect of exercise on pain and functional activity in knee osteoarthritis Fitnat Dincer
The role of rehabilitation in prevention and treatment of Spinal Disorders Piotr Tederko
08.00 - 09.00
Auditorium A
08.00 - 09.00
Auditorium B
09.00 - 12.10
Chairpersons: René Rizzoli, Alfonso Cruz Jentoft
Plenary Lecture 5
Inflammation and musculoskeletal aging Eugene McCloskey
Oral communications selected from abstracts
Presentation of the ESCEO-IOF-ERAB Scholarship
Plenary Lecture 6
New perspectives in frailty and sarcopenia management Francesco Landi
Oral communications selected from abstracts
14.00 - 15.00
Sound use of bone turnover markers
Etienne Cavalier
Interaction of nutrition and exercise on bone and muscle
Elaine M. Dennison
Calcium : what is good and what is bad
Nicholas Harvey
HIV and bone
Emmanuel Biver
Bone microstructure and fracture prediction
Roland D. Chapurlat
14.00 - 15.00
Educational Session jointly organized by EUGMS-ESCEO and IOF
Managing complex older patients: beyond the bone and muscle
Chairpersons: Alfonso Cruz Jentoft, Stefania Maggi
14.00 ‣ Welcome Stefania Maggi
14.05 ‣ Assessing older complex patients (Core Geriatric Assessment for non-geriatricians) Alfonso Cruz Jentoft
14.20 ‣ Understanding and measuring co-morbidity in older people Finbarr Martin
14.35 ‣ Decision-making in complex older patients Stefania Maggi
14.50 ‣ Discussion - Leader Alfonso Cruz Jentoft
14.00 - 15.00
Poster Viewing Session II
14.00 - 15.10
Oral presentation of selected posters
Chairperson: Fanny Buckinx
14.00 - 15.00
Guidelines for the conduct of clinical trials in hand osteoarthritis
Chairpersons: Cyrus Cooper, Andrea Laslop
14.00 ‣ Introduction and scope of the problem Nigel K. Arden
14.10 ‣ Guidelines for the conduct of pharmacological trials in hand OA : Consensus of a working group of the ESCEO Ida Haugen
14.30 ‣ Discussion  All
14.55 ‣ Conclusion Andrea Laslop
Panel: Nigel K. Arden, Jaime Branco, Olivier Bruyère, Etienne Cavalier, Roland D. Chapurlat, Cyrus Cooper, Elaine M. Dennison, Ida Haugen, Gabriel Herrero‑Beaumont, Andrea Laslop, Stefania Maggi, Ouafa Mkinsi, Daniel Prieto‑Alhambra, Jean‑Yves Reginster, François Rannou, Thierry Thomas, Daniel Uebelhart, Nicola Veronese
15.00 - 17.00
Chairpersons: Serge Ferrari, Nicholas Harvey
Plenary Lecture 7
Microbiota and bone disease René Rizzoli
Presentation of the IOF Best Commitee of National Societies Booth
Oral communications selected from abstracts
Plenary Lecture 8
Obesity, osteoporosis diagnosis and fracture risk Peter R. Ebeling
17.00 - 18.30
Auditorium A
18.30 - 19.30
Clinical Application of Bone Markers
Chairpersons: Richard  Eastell, Adolfo Diez‑Perez
Methodological conditions for testing PINP and CTX. NBHA recommendations. Pawel Szulc
Assay Standardisation. Report of the IOF/IFCC Bone Turnover Marker Working Group. Etienne Cavalier
Recommendations for the practice. IOF/ECTS Adherence Working Group recommendations Adolfo Diez‑Perez
Recommendations for the practice. IOF/ECTS Adherence Working Group recommendations Richard  Eastell
Joint IOF ESCEO FFN Secondary Fracture Prevention / FLS
Chairperson: Kristina Åkesson
Challenges of FLS - Global perspective & Results of Survey Kassim Javaid
Integration with Trauma Frede Frihagen
Tools from the CtF programme Thierry Thomas
Management of Bone Health Throughout Women's Life Span. Gynecological Perspective on Effective Prevention of Osteoporosis Fragility Fracture
Chairperson: Adriana Orcesi Pedro
Opening Adriana Orcesi Pedro
Epidemiology and risk factors for osteoporosis in women. Bruno Muzzi Camargos
Update on hormone therapy and osteoporosis prevention Adriana Orcesi Pedro
Osteoporosis prevention and treatment on special situations during women´s life span Ben‑Hur Albergaria
Question & Answers with audience
Optimising bone health, muscle strength and balance in middle-aged women: new opportunities for long-term fracture prevention
Chairpersons: Tania Winzenberg, Christel Lamberg‑Allardt 
Targets for optimising bone, muscle strength and balance in middle-aged women Feitong Wu
The role of dietary phosphorus in bone health in middle-aged adults Christel Lamberg‑Allardt 
Is bone density testing an under-utilised educational tool in younger women? Tania Winzenberg
Musculo-skeletal Imaging by clinical microCT
Chairpersons: Roland D. Chapurlat, Eric Lespessailles
Introduction “Contribution of HRpQCT to the management of bone and joint diseases” Roland D. Chapurlat
Introduction “Contribution of HRpQCT to the management of bone and joint diseases” Eric Lespessailles
What does HRpQCT investigation have added to the field of osteoporosis ? Serge Ferrari
What does HRpQCT investigation have added to the field of chronic inflammatory rheumatisms ? Stephanie Finzel
Questions & Answers  All
A contemporary approach in education: Developing the role of nurses working in secondary fracture prevention
Chairperson: Kassim Javaid
The role of the fracture liaison nurse Sonya Stephenson
Competency framework for health professionals working in fracture prevention Debbie Stone
Sunday, 22 April 2018
00.01 - 23.59
08.00 - 09.00
Taking care of the osteoporotic spine
Chairpersons: Sansin Tüzün, Radmila Matijevic
The Impact of spinal alignment on falls and fractures Ülkü Akarirmak
How to create a stable spine via exercise in osteoporosis? Sansin Tüzün
To brace or not to brace in the osteoporotic spine? Füsun Güler  Uysal
Spinal Augmentation: How to choose the best candidate? Çağatay Öztürk
Optimalisation of Fracture Liaison Services
Chairpersons: Willem Lems, Kassim Javaid
The Capture the Fracture Project, a flagship of IOF Kristina Åkesson
A database of > 200 FLS services, what can we learn from that? Kassim Javaid
In patients in which a DXA is indicated, a VFA (vertebral fracture assessment) is also indicated! Willem Lems
Impact of osteoporosis/osteopenia in management of osteoarthritis
Chairperson: Hannu T. Aro
The prevalence of osteoporosis and vitamin-D deficiency in patients with hip osteoarthritis Julie Glowacki
Selection of uncemented or cemented hip prosthesis in fracture patients and osteoarthritic patients: implant stability, periprosthetic bone loss and periprosthetic fractures Olof Sköldenberg
Zoledronic acid and denosumab in prevention of periprosthetic bone loss in cementless hip replacement of postmenopausal women Hannu T. Aro
Novelty regarding the potential of nutritional interventional studies with or without exercise training to prevent muscle function in older adults
Chairpersons: Mylène Aubertin‑Leheudre, Olivier Bruyère
Vitamin D and muscle function Olivier Bruyère
Omega-3 and muscle function Yves Rolland
Citruline and muscle function Mylène Aubertin‑Leheudre
Management of Osteoporosis - Closing the gap in the CEE countries
Chairperson: Heinrich Resch
Fracture epidemiology in the CEE countries Peter Lakatos
Closing the treatment gap in Poland - our experiences Edward Czerwinski
The add value of Biomarkers Vladimir Palicka
Simple but accurate tools in the fracture risk assessment Catalina Poiana
Treatment failures and side effects Juray Payer
Diabetes and Osteoporosis: A sweet relationship
Chairperson: Bruno Muzzi Camargos
Underlying mechanisms between diabetes mellitus and osteoporosis Oscar Rosero Olarte
Bone microarchitecture in diabetes Maria Belen Zanchetta
Fracture risk assessment on diabetic patients: FRAX, DXA, TBS Bruno Muzzi Camargos
Osteoporosis treatment on diabetic patients: Efficacy and drug interactions Adriana Medina Orjuela
Clinical guidance: Diabetic patients at risk of fractures Luis Fernando Vidal Neira
Questions and answers  All
08.00 - 09.00
Auditorium B
08.00 - 09.00
Phosphate wasting disorders: What the bone doctor should know. A report of an ESCEO Working Group.
Chairpersons: Maria Luisa Brandi, René Rizzoli
08.00 ‣ The FGF23/Phosphate/Klotho/FGF-Rs machinery Dieter Haffner
08.15 ‣ Expression of Phosphate Wasting Disorders in the Adults Kassim Javaid
08.30 ‣ Management of Phosphate Wasting Disorders Laura Masi
08.45 ‣ Discussion
08.55 ‣ Conclusions Serge Ferrari
Panel: Maria Luisa Brandi, René Rizzoli, Dieter Haffner, Kassim Javaid, Laura Masi, Serge Ferrari, Peter Kamenicky
09.00 - 10.00
Intra-articular therapy in knee osteoarthritis
François Rannou
Vitamin D : What is good and what is bad
Bess Dawson‑Hughes
Fall risk assessment and prevention
Stefania Maggi
Pharmacological management of osteoporosis in Poland
Edward Czerwinski
09.00 - 10.00
Poster Viewing Session III
09.00 - 10.00
How can behavioural sciences improve the outcome of daily practice? Daniel Pinto
10.00 - 12.00
Chairpersons: Bess Dawson‑Hughes, Stefania Maggi
Plenary Lecture 9
How to manage imminent fracture risk Thierry Thomas
Presentation of the ESCEO-IOF Pierre Meunier Young Scientist Award
Oral communications selected from abstracts
Plenary Lecture 10
Combined and sequential therapies in osteoporosis Michael R. McClung
12.00 - 13.00
Management of Osteoporosis in Poland
Chairperson: Edward Czerwinski
The review of the 2017 updated polish guidelines for the diagnosis and management of osteoporosis Piotr Gluzko
Management of osteoporosis in poland: calcium and vitamin D E. Marcinowska‑Suchowierska
Rac-ost-pol – population based polish epidemiologic study on postmenopausal osteoporosis Wojciech Pluskiewicz
Value of T- and Z-scores in fracture prediction Przemyslax Borowy
Correlation between tbs, age and fracture in postmenopausal women Edward Czerwinski
Physical activity and rehabilitation in osteoporosis and sarcopenia
Chairperson: Mark Lissens
Adapted physical activity using gerontechnology as the solution to counteract muscle function in frail population. Mylène Aubertin‑Leheudre
Rehabilitation of sarcopenic elderly Yannis Dionyssiottis
Correlation between sarcopenia and osteoporosis in patients with post poliomyelitis syndrome Mark Lissens
Identification of vertebral fractures in Fracture Liaison Services in the UK
Chairperson: Kassim Javaid
The financial burden of vertebral fracture Tim Jones
Understanding the clinical guidance for the identification of vertebral fractures in the UK Sonya Stephenson
Rational approach to osteoporosis in Turkey
Chairpersons: Berrin Durmaz, Sema Oncel
Approach of Turkish Physicians to Osteoporotic Vertebral Fractures Ozlen Peker
Hidden Problem: Osteoporotic Vertebral Fractures Yesim Gokce Kutsal
Medical Treatment of Osteoporosis Ozlem  El
Orthoses and Exercises for Osteoporotic Vertebral Fractures Funda Calis
FRAX Study with Calcaneal Ultrasound in Turkish Postmenopausal Women Yesim Kirazli
Autoimmune Sarcopenia
Chairperson: Mislav Radić
Autoimmune sarcopenia – current knowledge and perspective Mislav Radić
Risk of sarcopenia in rheumatoid arthritis patients Tonko Vlak
Risk of sarcopenia in systemic lupus erythematosus patients Miroslav Mayer
Non-irradiating evaluation of bone mineral mass at peripheral and axial sites
Chairpersons: Maria Luisa Brandi, René Rizzoli
Non-irradiating osteoporosis diagnosis: Technologies description Francesco Conversano
An international clinical experience Adolfo Diez‑Perez
Symposium take home message Piotr Leszczynski
End of the Congress