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Application form to hold one-hour non-sponsored symposia

ESCEO and IOF welcome applications to organize one-hour non-sponsored symposium at the WCO-IOF-ESCEO 2021 Congress in London. Any member may apply for endorsement by completing this online form.


Applications are considered by a panel chaired by the Scientific Chairs of the Congress and endorsement is granted according to the likely topicality and quality of the symposium. Funding for the symposium is the responsibility of the non-sponsored organizer but ESCEO-IOF will endorse the venue and speakers registration costs for the meeting.

Form should be submitted by April 12, 2021

Notification: The best non-sponsored symposia will be selected during the second part of April. Selected applicants will be notified around April 25, 2021. This notification will only be a conditional approval that will be confirmed once all abstracts are provided to the congress secretariat (Deadline to send the abstract : May 26, 2021)